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Why Prothetic Dental Implants?

dental implants

1) You have no natural teeth, your dental ridge is flat, dentures are unstable, eating and speaking are difficult, and you frequently experience denture sore spots.

2) You have a partial or complete denture replacement on your upper or lower jaw or both and you are uncomfortable having something covering or crossing the roof of your mouth or perhaps a bar going around behind your lower front teeth.

3) Your dentures interfere with your sense of temperature or taste.

4) One or more fine dentists have been unsuccessful in making dentures for you that stay in place or seem to fit adequately.

5) You are currently wearing your denture in your pocket, purse, or dresser drawer.

6) You do not enjoy using denture adhesives to glue your teeth in.

7) You have teeth missing on one side or both and don't want to wear a removable appliance.

8) You have a missing tooth to be replaced and the neighboring teeth are very good so you would prefer not to have them ground on to have a bridge constructed. This often occurs with young people who have been missing a lateral incisor or bicuspid since birth, which we call a congenitally missing tooth.

9) There are not enough teeth present to adequately support a partial denture, but the remaining teeth are too good to lose.

10) Removable appliances in your mouth cause gagging.

11) Certain teeth are somewhat loose because of periodontal disease, apicoectomy (root ti removal), root resorption or root fracture.

If one or more of these conditions is a problem to you or your friends, ask us for information about prosthetic dental implants.

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